BST #2

Yaaaayyyyy :mrgreen:

Wish happiness and blessing come to us more and more. Amiiinnn. However, thankful is peaceful way to be happy and enjoy fighting this trip to get God blessing. Amin Ya Mujibassailin.

There is other stories to share with you narablog tercinta πŸ™‚ . So long post yaaahhh hihihi. After tell you what i had done in BST #1, here the continued story about that πŸ˜€ , actually it just about our silly pic over there :mrgreen: afwan yahhh

Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚ , if not just leave it out :mrgreen:

followed ‘rombongan wakil bupati’ in KB program

Yeah guys, in second day we take a long trip to followed wakil bupati. Then, we take a rest in this caffetaria πŸ˜› . Did you know what the bautiful things in the villages? beside the wonderful landscape, we will find the lower price caffetaria than in the city. Hmmmm so nice to be there.

murah meriah euyyy πŸ˜€

just try to earn money

Others,Β  some of seller not build an store but just put the mat and goods on the ground. So sad to saw it, but proud instead knowing her life spirit.

there are pistures that i grabbed in healthy stand ^^

πŸ˜€ After get it all, we packed all aquipments and ready to go home :mrgreen:

come back home

And i just realized that those event will be our last event together, me, riska wiki, bang arif and chandra πŸ˜₯ . Lately, riska is resign, then chandra and arif move to aother department. Every thing come so fast yaahhh…. hmmmm…. suddently comes and disappears, but one thing will be not changes, we’r friend :’) .


BST #1

Assalamu’alaikum πŸ™‚

Waiyaaaa, as usual i wanna tell you what happened in my daily life some days before :mrgreen:

We got duties to report BST (Bantuan Sosial Terpadu) friends, it held in Gemarang, Madiun. Here is some of my capture πŸ˜‰ so sorry for the bad quality yah πŸ˜›

Goes to location

Because of tired, we upgraged our energy in Dhenok house hihihihi :mrgreen: (lumayan makan gratis :D)

Perampokan bermodus silaturahim :mrgreen:

Talas, dessert ala pedesaan πŸ˜€ yummmmy

Take a pic duluuuuu before make a video πŸ˜€

Mr. Griff wanna be


In my opinion, this is a nice campursari group lhooohhh, it is kinda mix islamic campursari (traditional + modern)

Milky πŸ˜†

Orrange or milk :mrgreen:

Haha what happened next?, keep kepoing our journey :mrgreen: πŸ˜‰

Long Time No See, I Get New One

It has been so long to see what happened in the garbage…. πŸ˜›

Yups, I can’t say I am a blogger or writer. I just try to say what i feel. That’s why I named this blog “UNGKAPKAN” πŸ˜€

Yeahhh…. so many new mosaic come to my little life.Β  New adventure just needs a new folder to save it in.

—– on DPRD —–

—– on Dinas Pasar —–

—– on KEJARI —–

Absolutely, I dislike it much, but strike the secret and report it, is one of the challenge to pass away. Just try to learn more and find a complete marvelous mosaic πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚