‘move-on’ means?

Year end. New year will come. Everything can be different as much as you want. So far, how much did you change?

How much did you hear ‘move-on’? so, what have you done after all? hehe

Suddenly, i assume that move on doesn’t mean forgetting, yet accepting. Life is a cup of bitter sweet mosaics. How long you can take it far away from your mind? You can not erase it. Right? How strong you stand to be, you can not reject if those stuff need to rewind. You can’t ! So accept it!

Accept that yesterday is (beautiful) memories, today is a gift, and tomorrow is a wish. Accept that you need to open your heart and mind to something new, so you will accept that everything was done well as it should be.

So when someone is bit difficult to move on, it simply because he is hard to welcome 🙂 . Doesn’t it?

New year will be coming soon? Are you ready for welcoming it?