When You Grow Old

What will you feel when you are growing older? happiness? because you feel that you can doing anything by yourself, you can do more than before?. Freedom? because you can do everything in your own control? or some thingy that you can not describe it, because its too worth and precious?

Human always has their own way to take meaning about growing older. A miracle process from a fetus, to be a baby, child, adult, and human. Yes, human that stands with right and responsibility. From crying to playing, studying, and marrying, may be? πŸ™‚


When almost of people feel that growth seems like increasing steps, but for me it’s kinda a decreasing steps. Not just about our life and age in this world, but every moment. When i am growing older, i feel that i have little times for my mom and family, i am just busy to feed my need. I just rest all my daylong in outta place, and home is just like a boarding house T.T .

If you kind of girl that always share everything easily (from what the suitable color of your shoes till ‘should i reply a boyfie message?’) to your mam or dad, i will say congratulation :’) . Or maybe, you have a parent that always want to know about you, always interrogating and make you irritating? just calm down and be thankful. Maybe, they love you so much. And you have better moment to know each other deeply. Because, i have such jealousy in that case. Yeahh just sometimes. hehe.

Some girls just have a deep and tight relationship with their mom, or others have their dad specially. But sure i have to tell you that may i am not like those. Yes, I surely know that my parents love me so deep, more than a sea and a mountain *lebay, but just like a wise word, sometimes love is unspeakable. That is what happened with us. We love each other in a silent way. My mom love me with their patient and full responsibility to serve everything i need (in fact, she was soooooo fussyyy :D). My Dad love me by work harder and support what i feel best to do.

There is so less ‘i love you’. Probably, they said it when i felt asleep or when i was a baby. But truly, i know they said it in their pray, don’t they?

I never complaining about it, but when i am growing older, sometimes i feel their sorrow, their worry, their wrinkled, but i really hard to talk to him. Have you? . Sometimes, when i asked what happended? or what should i do for? they just answered nothing dear. Or simply smiling that make my eyes gonna be wet. (of course it happened behind him :’) )

Yeah, that is what truly called love.

Love is always giving without expecting an accepting. Love is sincerity when what you want is not always granted. Love is letting go without pretending. Love is doing everything in the name of Allah.

Ahhh how it’s so cheesy story typing. May, this kind of Korean Drama ‘Wedding Dress’ or this simply com-break ‘My Dad’s Story’ help you understand better. πŸ™‚

I am just your girl. When the girl is growing old, it’s not only about how her worrying loosing her parent care, but more about how she can always respect and stand for them better than ever. Every times as they do when she was child. While sooner or later the girl will be married and dedicated all her life for her future husband?

Kau benar kawan, Orang tua selalu tahu dan punya cara untuk menjaga dirinya sendiri. Tapi kau lupa memberitahuku kawan, orang tua sangat pandai…kelewat pandai untuk menyembunyikan kesedihan dan keterbatasannya demi melihat kebahagiaan buah hatinya :”))))

For every parent and every children in the wolrd. Hope your praying and dedication to your husband will save them in a paradise. If your hand just too short to hug them, Let God do it right.


‘move-on’ means?

Year end. New year will come. Everything can be different as much as you want. So far, how much did you change?

How much did you hear ‘move-on’? so, what have you done after all? hehe

Suddenly, i assume that move on doesn’t mean forgetting, yet accepting. Life is a cup of bitter sweet mosaics. How long you can take it far away from your mind? You can not erase it. Right? How strong you stand to be, you can not reject if those stuff need to rewind. You can’t ! So accept it!

Accept that yesterday is (beautiful) memories, today is a gift, and tomorrow is a wish. Accept that you need to open your heart and mind to something new, so you will accept that everything was done well as it should be.

So when someone is bit difficult to move on, it simply because he is hard to welcome πŸ™‚ . Doesn’t it?

New year will be coming soon? Are you ready for welcoming it?