Question tags

Allhamdulillah the time was coming… 😛

i was waiting the time to write articles or passages in english. And this day i can

enjoy it 🙂


A Tag Question is a question added at the end of sentence. Speakers use tag question chiefly to make sure their information is correct or to seek agreement.

Pattern :

  • Type I

Affirmative sentence + Negative tag => Affirmative answer

Example :

–         she is your teacher, isn’t she? => yes, she is

–         Fatimah comes late, doesn’t she? => yes, she does

  • Type II

Negative sentence+affirmatife tag=> Negative answer

Example :

–         Paijo can’t swim, can he? => No, he can’t

–         We are not happy, are we? => No, we aren’t Continue reading