How are you doing Ramadhan?

Been sooooo lazyyy to tell you how I was doing :v . Whereas, I planned to write as often as possible but it haven’t run well since my modem was error. So bad knowing here’s no signal >.< . So sorry ya 🙂 *padahal ini blog gak ada yang baca ahahahha

Well there’s a lot of thing that happened and changed. Everything grows fast, right?

But been so grateful and thankful to Allah swt . Alhamdulillah we meet Ramadhan again. Knowing that I am not as young as before, who used to amaze facing Ramadhan for getting new clothes and money rainy 😀 . *Udah waktunya mikir gimana cara nyari dana buat angpau ponakan kali ya ahahahah

In my almost quarter century old, being realize that there is so many different thing happen in Ramadhan year by year. Yes, each Ramadhan has come and gone with its beauty. Still fresh in mind, how I had to be on air, beside others got their tarawih and reading quran.


There was other story that I had to walk out with the Book Ranger to put poster and rontek ‘serangan malaaaaammmm’ 😀 sumpah kayak tahanan lolos, ngendap ngendap malam-malam 😆 , while other people busy doing their pray wishing lailatul qadar :’) .


I was also doing Ramadhan with the firs home sickness *soooo childish yaa 😳 . Lately, I did Ramadhan in the way going live report. How it feel so blue hearing tarbir and we still on the way :shoock: . The worst, we did Eid far from home again. 😥 hikhikhik padahal ini acara masih lokalan ajah yah. Kebayang gimna ntar kalo udah ramadhan dan lebaran di negeri orang *hopefully amiinnnn 🙂


Being soooo curious how will be going in this ramadhan. Wish will be barkah and nice as before, being more wise and lovely for others, especially for my family. the most important is to be good moslem than before. Amiinnnn.

Happy Ramadhan. Apologize me for slipped word and uncomfortable greeting. Keep smiling and wise Amiinn 🙂


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