‘Tricky’, Goes to Fresh Market

Women like hanging out. Yes.
Women like getting along. Yes.
Women like shopping. Yes.
Women are women hahahaha

Every single thing will be louder n amazing with girl touch. Is it right? Absolutely! Hehe
Talks about amazing, there are many amazing things in fresh market. Trust me. But we can not regret that modern shop also has the advantages, especially, for busy people with no much time and going simply.

In the modern era, almost people prefer going to modern shop for buying their needs. Mostly, it has complete stocks and more practice. It contains a price list, so customer will be able to choose which they need their self. Then, modern shop also has a decorative and clean room, so it makes customer enjoy and comfort to shop over there.

But if you like to be more attractive and wild, you can go to fresh market. Hehe. Why? Because if you has a good feeling, care, and little smart you will get the good thing with lower price :p .Hahaha. Yeay may some ladies has a high standard for something they wear. It should be branded. But for me, the shape and its comfortable has a higher place on my own.

In fresh market, we can talk much with others. Feel the crowded, catch the body language, and feel people gesture. There serve deep interaction between seller and customer. That is all things that we can not get in the mall. Right? We not only say how much? But we learn how to make other believe us, how to be polite, and patient. Suggest the seller so we will get the lower price. Hohoho.


This lovely wedges for example. I felt in love with this kind of shoes since I met it up in the train station. When I reported homecoming, I saw a girl with a beautiful shoes that I never seen before. So I tried to find it. But when I got it in one of Butik that sold it, it had a high price. It is so expensive you know! :shoock: Of course, because I had no much money, so I delayed my desire hoho.

Just be patient for getting the best. Hehe. The day after, I tried to take a walk in the fresh market in Ponorogo, and I got this kind of shoes. I was very happy, but the seller still gave the higher price. So I moved to other stand. Alamdulillah I found it well.
Just Rp. 35.000 wewwwww very very like it 😆 . It was absolutely cheaper than in the Butik before. They sold it with Rp. 80.000 up to Rp 100.000, indeed you would get Rp. 200.000 more in the super market. So, I got fifty percent more of saving money with the same shape and material hihihi. Just fortunately I was.


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