BST #1

Assalamu’alaikum 🙂

Waiyaaaa, as usual i wanna tell you what happened in my daily life some days before :mrgreen:

We got duties to report BST (Bantuan Sosial Terpadu) friends, it held in Gemarang, Madiun. Here is some of my capture 😉 so sorry for the bad quality yah 😛

Goes to location

Because of tired, we upgraged our energy in Dhenok house hihihihi :mrgreen: (lumayan makan gratis :D)

Perampokan bermodus silaturahim :mrgreen:

Talas, dessert ala pedesaan 😀 yummmmy

Take a pic duluuuuu before make a video 😀

Mr. Griff wanna be


In my opinion, this is a nice campursari group lhooohhh, it is kinda mix islamic campursari (traditional + modern)

Milky 😆

Orrange or milk :mrgreen:

Haha what happened next?, keep kepoing our journey :mrgreen: 😉


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