Art Work (Part 1) – on Street Imagination

Haaaaaaiiiiiiiii world 🙂
Uuuuhhhhh so long do not write down here again. Hum so sorry ya, ‘couse something under my control push me up more and more 😦
But ya, I have a good news, mmmm not at all, but ya, I like to say that now I have an internet connection at home… so this is my first post using my modem :mrgreen: . Althought, it is quite slow hoh! but it is alright than nothing hihihihi…… *pembelaan diri 😛
Actually I wanna tell many things to you hehe even just about my self but ya I am still so confused to choose and write it down here….
Idea flew away when I rode my motorcycle…. it is kinda on street imagination, So much thing flew on my mind, just like an air came freely…word was arranged so gorgeous but when the journey was end, the idea suddenly stopped, and difficult to get the same feeling as wonderful as before huhuhuhu 😦
Hmmmm but now I have a new work hehe….

This is my first art work after a long sleep 😆
This is I made for my lovely girlfriend uswah….. I made it for her flight to bontang, Kalimantan. Yeah, so after she married she had to wait for awhile before live together with her husband
Happy marriage dear. Hope u will get all easily, sakinah, mawaddah, warahmah. Allahumma amiiiinnn :*
This picture told about her story finding her husband lhoooohhhh hihihihi :mrgreen:

And here the other artwork for my girlfriend birthday. Not too good but not bad lah…. Masih unyu-unyu :mrgreen:


actually i made this couse i am inspired from a vector art, but i do not know yet how to using it hehehe


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